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Punta Aderci Reserve

The Punta Aderci Regional Nature Reserve protects the naturalistically most beautiful and interesting stretch of coast in Abruzzo: a succession of sandy and pebble beaches, high cliffs and cliffs, agricultural landscapes and Mediterranean scrub, green and blue shades of a stretch of the Adriatic from which it is easy to be amazed.

The Reserve extends from the beach of Punta Penna, adjacent to the Port of Vasto, at the mouth of the Sinello river. The promontory of Punta Aderci characterizes the entire area embracing the park and the underlying seabed, offering a 360 ° view over the whole Reserve, which in the evening is the background of the red of the sunset that draws the profiles of the mountains of the three national parks: the Majella, the Gran Sasso-Laga and the Sibillini Mountains. The landscape is quite articulated with flat stretches cut by cliffs near the coast line, slopes that descend to the sea, dune systems, wetlands such as the “pond” of Mottagrossa and the alluvial plain of Sinello. Along the sandy or rocky beaches, communities of plants resistant to brackish, heat and wind grow according to a sequence that, from the shoreline towards the interior, sees first pioneer plants such as the radish and then species of the mobile dune such as the weed. of the beaches and finally those of the fixed dune until the appearance of shrub plants and Mediterranean scrub. Among the dune bars, the water, thanks also to the presence of clays, stagnates, favoring the establishment of bands of reeds.

The dunes and the river environment lend themselves well to naturalistic observation and birdwatching. Many species of birds overwinter and stop here such as herons, grebes, terns, cormorants, the marsh harrier and the refectory that stands out in the logo of the reserve. Inside, towards the cultivated plateaus, we find the cappellaccia, the capirossa, the little hey and birds of prey such as the harrier, the kestrel and the buzzard. Punta Aderci is a reserve to be discovered at the slow pace of our feet, by mountain-bike on the old railway track, by canoe or simply enjoying the tranquility of the pebble beaches of Libertini and the small beach of Punta Aderci, where the dolphins of the genus Stenella, and in some cavities it is possible to admire the Halymenia floresia, considered the most beautiful red alga in the Mediterranean.


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